Do I have your attention now?  I am only kidding. The reason I wrote this BLOG article is to plead with everyone who reads it NOT to text and drive.   Over the last few years I have seen a disturbing trend in personal injury claims.   There has been a dramatic increase in car accidents due to texting while driving.  As a personal injury attorney, I have made a lot of money representing accident victims, including drivers, passengers and pedestrians, who have been injured by another car who’s driver was texting.  From someone who has seen the horrific results of texting while driving please take my advice and heed this warning:  DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE.
There are so many car accidents every day in this country.  A majority of them are caused by distracted drivers. In my opinion, texting while driving is not driving while distracted. It’s more like driving blind because you are not looking where you are going!  The video below is quite graphic but it is a good example of what can happen when you text and drive.
Take it from someone who has seen the horrific injuries and catastrophic results from car accidents caused by drivers who were texting….DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!  Please pass this along to as many people as you can.  If you save one life by forwarding this it will have been worth it.

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