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You provide services or sell products to a customer or client and they do not pay you. They keep promising to pay, to no avail. You want to try to maintain some goodwill with the client but you need the money. How long are you waiting before sending the matter to an attorney? My advice in these trying economic times is act now.

Why should you hire us?

As collections attorneys, have represented hundreds of businesses throughout Massachusetts and assisted them with their collection issues. We have been very successful in getting our clients paid. A collection agency can only go so far. They can send a letter or two and make some telephone calls, but that is the extent of their efforts.

If you retain our services, we will employ all legal means to get you paid. Our efforts may include a simple demand letter, filing a civil lawsuit, attaching bank accounts, garnishing wages, or attaching real estate in order to secure assets to satisfy a judgment.

The best news is that it does not cost you anything out of pocket. Our legal fee is contingent upon recovering money for you. Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount collected and is very competitive.

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