Owed Money? 3 Things You Must Know About Collections  

Owed Money? –  3 Things You Must Know About Collections 

You or your business performs a service or provides goods to your customers and you expect to be paid on time.  What if your customer does not pay?  You call   them and they assure you that payment is on its way.  “The check is in the mail”  It never arrives.  You call again and again.  Same result.  In these tough economic times, I advise my business collection clients to be aggressive in collecting debts.  Hire a collection attorney!  Why?
1.   By retaining a collection attorney you send a strong message that you want to be paid and will resort to legal action if necessary.
2.   In most cases, the initial step is simply a demand letter by the attorney demanding payment but more importantly giving them a deadline to pay your bill. A demand letter from an attorney is more powerful than a notice from a collection agency because the attorney can take the next step and actually file a civil lawsuit against the debtor.

3.   The demand letter can be drafted in a manner that would reflect your desire to maintain good will and a future business relationship.  If you do not desire to maintain a relationship, the demand letter can be much more direct.

We represent hundreds of business in Massachusetts assisting them with their collection needs.   For more information, please contact Attorney Bob Ahearn, Law Offices of Robert D. Ahearn, P.C. 15 Cottage Ave., Quincy, MA 02169, 617-773-8890, email bob@attorneyahearn.com  or go to www.attorneyahearn.com for more info.

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