Please Encourage your Dog to Bite People…

Actually, please restrain your dog.

A dog bite can be a physically and emotionally traumatizing event. If you have been involved in one of these situations, you may be overwhelmed in trying to seek medical treatment while trying to figure out what your options are to recovery.

Did you know that dog bite cases are treated differently depending on the state? In Massachusetts, a dog bite is considered a strict liability offense. This means in general, that the owner of the dog is responsible for any injuries caused by the dog. All that is needed is to show that you owned the dog and it bit/attacked someone. Most homeowners’ insurance policy will, fortunately, cover this loss. 

There are certain exceptions to this rule, and it’s important to have legal representation in pursuing this kind of claim. Call us today for a free consultation of your injuries and potential claim. (617) 773-8890

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