The Importance of Referrals

When it comes to hiring a lawyer, it is very important to establish trust and good rapport. What better way than through the referral of a trusted friend or family member? Most businesses rely heavily on their satisfied customers providing referrals to family, friends, and co-workers. This is especially true in the field of law and representation, when there are so many individuals practicing law. In order to be fully confident in your case, you must be fully confident in your lawyer. And that is where trusted referrals come in.


A great example of a successful referral is included in the image to the left. The story behind this example is that my friend, an insurance agent, had a colleague who was hurt and in need of a personal injury attorney. My friend provided my name and number, and highly recommended that he consult with me about his case. The success of his case, and my friend’s referral,  is affirmed with the personal letter that he dropped off to my friend.

The key here is the success of word of mouth referrals, especially in the field of law. I always recommend to my clients that if they are satisfied with my services, that they recommend me to others in need of a personal injury lawyer. The trust and personal touch behind that referral is something that cannot be found on Yelp or in a Google search. My motto is and always has been “reputation, respect, results.” With referrals, this motto is upheld and valued. My reputation is strengthened with every successful referral, and the respect and results are made possible because of such trusted referrals.


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