Proms and Car Accidents

It’s that time of year again; Prom Season. The joy of a mother and daughter shopping for a prom dress. A young man with his friends trying on tuxedos. Tragically, this magical night turns into into a nightmare due to careless and negligent driving. In many cases, alcohol and drunk driving are involved.  Many personal injury claims occur on Prom Night.

A National Insurance Company has published 12 tips for driving on prom night that every teen should read:

For teens:
– Always wear your seatbelt and make sure everyone in the car does, too.
– Concentrate and drive defensively. There are likely to be a lot of impaired drivers on the road prom night.
– Have directions to the dance — even drive by the location during daylight hours — if the prom is not held at your school so you know where you’re going.
– Understand that the average vehicle weighs 3,000 pounds. It may be easy to drive, but it’s still a heavy hunk of metal.
– Never allow someone who has been drinking to drive, no matter how confident the driver is about his abilities. It’s not worth the risk.
– Remember that tired drivers are dangerous, too. If you’re barely awake, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel.
– Call home to get a ride. No matter what time it is, parents would rather pick you up than have you drive in a dangerous situation.
– Take your cell phone to prom so you have one in case of emergency.
– Take a spare pair of comfortable shoes with you for driving so you don’t have to hit the brakes while wearing unfamiliar high heels or bulky dress shoes.

For parents:
– Make sure you know where your child is going to be during prom and at the after-prom parties.
– Don’t allow too many prom-goers into one vehicle. (More passengers means more distractions.)
– Spring for a limo or an adult driver to chauffeur students — someone who has more experience driving at night and someone who is not hopped up on prom night adrenaline.

Read the entire publication here.

If tragedy does strike on this special night, please consult with an experienced attorney to learn of your rights.

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