Personal Injury Attorney Consultation – What to Expect

Personal injury case consultationCurious about what happens during an initial FREE consultation with a personal injury attorney? Here’s a peek into what you can expect:

1️⃣ Meeting Location: We can meet at our main office in Quincy, our meeting space in Marshfield, a local coffee shop, or even by Zoom! We can meet wherever is most convenient for you.

2️⃣ Your Story Matters: Take your time to explain what happened. Every detail helps us understand your case better. We can go over any forms you have received, photos you took, and any police reports that were filed.

3️⃣ Legal Expertise: We’ll assess the legal aspects of your case and provide insights into your rights and options.

4️⃣ Q&A Session: Got questions? We’ve got answers! Feel free to ask anything about the legal process or your potential claim.

5️⃣ Clear Guidance: We’ll outline the next steps and discuss potential outcomes, ensuring you’re informed and empowered. We also have various medical provider connections in the area that we can recommend if you need.

6️⃣ Compassionate Support: Dealing with insurance claims and the legal process can be overwhelming, especially while dealing with any injuries. Our personal injury attorneys are here to offer support and guidance every step of the way. We are a small family-owned firm and we handle your case personally.

7️⃣ Focus on Getting Better: After the initial consultation, we will handle all aspects of your case moving forward, including medical billing, insurance claims, negotiations, any required litigation, and more. Your only job is to focus on getting medical treatment so you feel better!

There are no hidden or retainer fees for an initial consultation when you hire a personal injury attorney. We do not get paid hourly, and only get paid if we are able to collect an insurance settlement for you. Schedule your FREE consultation today and let’s work towards the resolution you deserve!

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