3 Things to Do When You’re In A Car Accident

You are going through an intersection and you have a green light. A car comes out of nowhere from your right, fails to stop at a red light and crashes into your car broadside. You are hurt, confused and in shock. Everything will be alright because the car accident was not your fault right? DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING!

I have seen people change their stories after they leave an accident scene. The driver who ignored the red light is now claiming that you ran the red light and they had a green light. How can you protect yourself and prove fault? These three car accident tips will definitely help.

1.   If you have a cell phone that has a camera, take as many pictures as you can of both vehicles, the other driver, any landmarks in the area, skid marks, license plates of anyone who stops to help. This will preserve evidence for future use.

2.  If you are injured, call the police or wait for the police to arrive. Police officers are very well trained and can usually detect and determine fault. Make sure you give the police a statement as to what happened if you are able.

3.  Get the name and telephone numbers of anyone who stops to help you. These are known as independent witnesses. Even if the accident turns into a “he said-she said” scenario, independent witnesses are invaluable to proving fault. If you cannot get their names or addresses, take pictures of their license plates and also identify the witnesses for the police who may record their names and addresses.

Do not assume that you are not at fault for an accident. These three simple suggestions may help you prove that you were not at fault.  If you are injured and not at fault for an auto accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation. Consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn more about your rights.

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