Be Smart: Use Your Phone!

Whenever you are in an accident, your mind is definitely in other places- Now what? Who do I call? Am I hurt? How much is this going to cost me? The questions you ask yourself are endless. However, if there is one thing that I want my readers, family, friends, and clients to think of when they are in an accident, it’s this: use your phone. 

You can easily download smartphone apps specifically made to keep all of the information you need whenever you are in an accident in one secure place. Some insurance companies even have their own apps for you to upload pictures, details, etc. There are also non-insurance classified smartphone apps that help organize all of the information at the scene for you to easily send to your lawyer, family, insurance company, etc.

Although these apps are great and very useful, merely taking pictures whenever you are in an accident or fall can strongly help your case. Smartphones nowadays come equipped with very capable cameras that can come in serious handy when presenting your case to your personal injury lawyer or insurance company. Photos are evidence! While people’s stories may change and memories may fade, photos are the best way to preserve evidence of the scene of an accident, the damage to cars, the identity of all drivers, the weather, the road conditions, etc.

Like I said, whenever you are in an accident, your mind is all over the place. Even though you think you will remember every detail, chances are the adrenaline and shock of the accident will make your memory fuzzy. So please, whenever you are in an accident, remember to use your phone!

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