Texting and Driving… Is there a solution?

We have all seen the public service announcements graphically describing the potential outcomes of texting and driving… but are they working? It seems that no matter how much humor, violence, tragedy, or terror are put into these PSAs, the problem and danger of texting and driving still persists. So, what is there to do?

When it comes to prevention, first hand experience is always the most effective, and that is exactly what Volkswagen thought of when they released their new PSA, “Eyes on the Road.” Movie-goers in Hong Kong were expecting movie trailers, but what they got instead will definitely resonate with them for a while. Watch below and see for yourself what I believe, as a personal injury attorney, is the most effective texting and driving PSA thus far.

As effective as I believe this PSA is, how many of those people do you think still sent as text as they drove home from the theater that night? How do you think this issue is going to be solved?–More laws? More awareness? Targeting PSAs to a different demographic? Do you think it can be solved at all?

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