Personal Injury

Injured in an accident? Hire a personal injury attorney

If you have been injured by the negligence of others, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your loss of income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent or partial disability, and other resulting injuries. Personal injury victims can file a personal injury claim for physical injury, emotional injury, and, occasionally, for property damages. Further, in some cases – such as those involving medical malpractice or wrongful death – the family of the injured or deceased can file suit on behalf of a loved one. 

In order to bring a claim for damages, Massachusetts Law has certain requirements. Every personal injury case has different guidelines, restrictions and damage award guidelines. Only an experienced lawyer who knows and understands Massachusetts’ complicated personal injury laws, the court system and individual rights can effectively fight for you and get you what you are entitled to. The Law Offices of Robert D. Ahearn will advise you at every stage and help you determine your best course of action. Attorney Ahearn is well known for providing, frank, honest, sound and straightforward legal advice. Rest assured, no one will fight harder for you in order to maximize your recovery.

Car Accidents

It is estimated that every day, there is a car accidents every 61 seconds the US. Chances are, at some point in your life, you will be involved in an auto accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian. If you are injured, you need to know your rights and what you are entitled to recover. You will have a lot of questions as to who will pay your bills, which insurance company will pay for the damage to your car, who will reimburse you for lost wages and how much are you entitled to recover. You may be entitled to bring a claim against a 3rd party such as for over serving of alcohol to an intoxicated driver who causes an accident. With over 25 years of experience, specializing in personal injury law, Attorney Robert D. Ahearn will help you answer these questions and will fight for you. The accident and your injuries were not your fault and you are entitled to be compensated for the payment of reasonable medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, aggravation and inconvenience the accident caused you.

If you have been injured as a passenger in someone else’s automobile, on a motorcycle or as a pedestrian, you may also be entitled to recover monetary damages for pain and suffering, payment of reasonable medical expenses incurred and lost wages. In order to bring a claim for damages, however, the laws in Massachusetts have certain requirements. Call or email the Law Offices of Robert D. Ahearn today to learn more about your rights and how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you.

In more serious cases, you may be entitled to be compensated for a disfigurement, loss of limb, permanent or disfiguring scars, disability, and loss of any of the five senses. Whether your injuries were caused by an accident, malicious intent, or a defect in a product’s design, production or labeling, you have the right to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

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