Most adult drivers admit to driving distracted according to a HealthDay poll from November, 2011. The results are alarming: 

*86% of drivers said they ate or drank while driving, 57% said they do it often
*37% have sent or received text messages while driving, and 18% said they do it regularly.
*41% percent of adult drivers have set or changed a GPS system while driving, and 21% do it “frequently.”
*36% have read a map while driving,and 10% do it “often” 
*One in five drivers have combed or styled his or her hair while driving.  One in ten does it  regularly.  
*Have you ever seen a driver putting on makeup? Approximately 16% have done it once, and 9% do it frequently.
*About 13% of adult drivers have surfed the Internet while driving. 

The poll also reflected that younger drivers were more likely to engage in distracted driving.

Men were more likely to drive while drowsy, drive after drinking, read a map, use a GPS system, and use the Internet.    

The most alarming part of the poll was that roughly 80% of the people said they know distracted driving is dangerous, but do it anyway.  We do not need tort reform.  We need driving behavior reform.                                                                                                                                                                                  

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